Sunday, October 9, 2011

Breastfeeding Without BS

Welcome to the blog--a blog which I hope will be a source of information and discussion about sane and sensible breastfeeding. In future posts I'll be sharing my thoughts about breastfeeding, formula feeding and everything in between. I'll also be talking about my six-month-old Baby Seal, who I've been nursing for about half a year now (Wow, where has the time gone?).


  1. Love the concept for this blog. I'm glad there will be finally be a place on the web for science-based, moderate, intelligent women who need breastfeeding advice/support. Big applause from my end!

  2. Just read your blog backwards and really enjoyed it! The WWW def needs less BS. I'm wrangling my second baby now, and I think I can see through a bit more of the non-evidenced-based guilt-tripping this time, but love that someone is out there debunking the "wisdom" that has caused no end of angst for so many parents. Keep it up :)

  3. Glad to hear you have been enjoying the blog--and yes, second babies do seem to get more pragmatic treatment, don't they.... I have been neglecting the blog a bit these last few weeks due to taking a mini break to catch up on knitting, reading and all the other things I never seem to find the time for but am hoping to get back into posting these next couple of weeks. Have a great week!